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Obtaining a ProductCart license

You can purchase a ProductCart license from the ProductCart Software Store or through a ProductCart reseller (e.g. as part of a comprehensive e-commerce solution). A ProductCart license consists of the following information:

  • License Key – An alphanumeric string of characters that uniquely identifies your store.
  • Temporary User ID – Your administrative user name. User name and password are needed not only to activate ProductCart, but also to access the Control Panel. You can change the User ID at any time after the first time you log into the Control Panel.
  • Temporary Password – You need your password to access the Control Panel. You can change this temporary password to one of your choice at any time.

To activate ProductCart, you will also need the e-mail address that was used when making the purchase (or your Partner ID if you are a ProductCart Reseller).

This information will be sent to you via e-mail when you purchase a license from the ProductCart software store. You can also retrieve it at any time by logging into your account. If you purchased ProductCart from a reseller, they will provide you with the license information.

Please note that the Temporary User ID and Temporary Password are for activating ProductCart. These are not the User Name and Password needed to log into your account on the ProductCart software store to download the software. Your User Name on the ProductCart software store is simply your e-mail address and the password is the one you entered when you purchased the software (if you have forgotten it, use the password reminder tool).

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