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ProductCart XML Tools (XML API)


ProductCart features a complete suite of XML tools that make it easier for a developer to integrate ProductCart with a third-party system. Heavily documented methods allow for the retrieval and the posting of information in XML format.

For instance, an external application will be able to update inventory or retrieve the latest orders via XML.

The tools also support the upload of the generated XML data file to an FTP location. This allows ERP systems - for example - to automatically load an XML document containing the latest Web orders.

Download the ProductCart XML Tools SDK

The ProductCart XML Tools Software Development Kit contains:

  • A User Guide (PDF, ~118 pages)
  • Sample XML documents to use as a reference
  • Two sample client applications to jump start development (Classic ASP and ASP.NET, with full source code)

How do I use the XML Tools?

Any Web developer with a working knowledge of XML (and whatever programming language the client application is written in) will be able to use the ProductCart XML Tools to integrate a third-party application with our shopping carts. Note: ProductCart does not provide assistance or support to stores using the XML Tools to create their own data feeds!

Can I use the Tools if I'm not a developer?

You can export products, customers, and orders to an XML file without any programming knowledge. You can find the manual export features under the “Reports > Manage XML Tools ” menu in the ProductCart Control Panel.

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