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Exporting for re-import (Reverse Import Wizard)

What it does

To access the “Export for Re-import” feature, select Reports > Custom Data Export > Export products for re-import.

This feature allows you to export product information so that it can easily be re-imported into ProductCart. This way you can easily export fields that you need to update, edit them, and then import them back into your store using the Import Wizard.

Product information is exported to a CSV file. If you open it in MS Excel and plan to import it back into your store as an Excel file, make sure to set the “IMPORT” data range and follow the other formatting instructions illustrated in the section that talks about importing products into ProductCart.

Using the Export for Re-Import wizard

Step 1: Choose the Products to Export

You have 3 options:

  • All products. OK if you have a small catalog (less than a couple hundred products). Otherwise, don't use this option.
  • Locate products that you would like to export. You will be able to search for and select the products that you would like to export.
  • All products in a range. This option allows you to break up your store catalog into more manageable sections so that you don't export all products at once.

The system will detect how many products are in your database and show you that number. We recommend that you don't select “All products” if your store has a high number of products (over 1,000) as you could run into a time-out issue. The more fields you decide to export, and the higher the number of products, the stronger is the chance that you will run into a script time-out problem.

If you have the Apparel Add-on you will also be offered options to export apparel sub-products.

You have 3 options regarding the export of apparel subproducts :

  • Do not export sub-products
  • Only export sub-products
  • Include both

Step 2: Choose a field separator

You have 3 options. The system can use as a separator:

  • Comma
  • TAB
  • Other
    If creating a comma- or TAB-separated file generates issues (e.g. the separator exists in the product description, thus rendering the exported file improperly formatted), try using a different separator (e.g. **). When you import the file into an application such as MS Excel, you will be able to indicate which separator should be used to part it.

Step 3: Choose fields to export

The system will show you a list of fields (product information) that you can export. Listed are all the fields that you can import into ProductCart. When you generate the export file, ProductCart will populate each selected field with information that has been formatted exactly as ProductCart wants it to see when you import the file back into the system.

Step 4: Download the file

ProductCart will generate a CSV file and save it to the pcadmin folder (which likely has been renamed on your store). To download the file, click on it (FireFox) or right-click on it and select “Save Target As…” (Internet Explorer). You can then open and edit the file, save it, and import it back into ProductCart using the product import wizard.

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