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Adding and Editing Affiliates

There are two ways to add a new affiliate to your store: you can add an affiliate account or let affiliates sign up on their own, in your storefront.

Affiliate sign-up in the storefront

You can let affiliates sign up on their own by providing them access to a special page in your storefront called ”NewAffa.asp” and located in the ”pc” folder. You can obtain the exact link to this page through the Marketing > Generate Store Links feature in the Control Panel.

When an affiliate signs up, a notification e-mail is sent to the store administrator. The new affiliate account is kept inactive until the store manager activates it. Until then the new affiliate will not be able to log into the affiliate account management area.

Once the account has been activated, affiliates will be able to log into their affiliate account by using the ”AffiliateLogin.asp” page in your storefront. Make sure to create a link to this page as well in your store navigation.

Adding a new affiliate in the Control Panel

You can add a new affiliate account directly using the Control Panel by selecting Affiliates > Add New Affiliate. The form looks almost identical to the one shown to customers in the storefront, except for the fact that you will be able to specify the commission rate. If you want to give an affiliate a 11.50% commission, for example, enter 11.5. If, at a later date, you change the commission for an affiliate it will not change the amount they have already earned, as the actual commission earned is calculated and stored along with the order.

ProductCart will automatically generate a unique ID for the new affiliate, which is what will be used in the special links to your store that the affiliate will use on his/her Web site, e-mail messages, or other marketing tools.

If you add new affiliates using the Control Panel, remember to e-mail them their e-mail address and password, so that they may log into their affiliate account management area and generate special links to your store that contain the affiliate ID mentioned above.

Managing existing affiliates

You can view and edit existing affiliates by selecting Affiliates > View/Modify Affiliates in the Control Panel. A list of existing affiliates will be shown.

Managing existing affiliates in ProductCart

Click on the Modify icon to view/edit details for the selected affiliate account. Any affiliate accounts that are inactive are shown at the top. New affiliates that sign up in the storefront will be inactive until you activate them. To do so, simply click on the Modify icon, check the Active check box and update the affiliate account.

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