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Adding a Payment Option

To add a payment option, select Add New Option from the Payments menu. As Mentioned earlier in this chapter, payment options can be divided into two categories:

  • Real-time. Click on Real time credit card processing… to add a new real-time payment method. This is where you can set up payment options such as online credit card processing and PayPal.
  • Non real-time (or offline). Offline credit card processing, as well as custom payment options such as payment terms (Net 30, Net 60, etc.), check, cash on demand, etc., all fall in this category. ProductCart also features support for Debit Cards, Store Cards, and other custom payment options where the user is required to input multiple pieces of information. In all cases, there is no real-time authorization or capture of the funds, which will instead be collected offline, after an order has been placed.

To process credit cards offline you will still need a business bank account and a credit card merchant account, but you will not need to use a gateway since transactions are processed manually, offline. This may be a good option, for example, if you do not expect many online orders per day, and you already have a retail store with a POS credit card terminal.

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