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Mobile Commerce - testing

Testing with iFrame

By using the file testWithIframe.asp you can see how the storefront will look through a 320×480 pixels window. Those are the dimensions of the iPhone screen.

Testing with the Android SDK

You can test locally also by using the Android SDK, which includes an emulator. You can find the Android SDK here. After installing the SDK:

  1. launch the manager
  2. click on Virtual Devices
  3. Add a new device
  4. Select the device and click on Start
  5. When the device starts, it will take a bit of time for it to load the OS. Wait until you see phone emulator running the OS.

You can then launch the browser from within the smart phone's emulator window and load your local Web store in it.

Testing the checkout system with the PayPal Sandbox

If you want to simulate an order from start to finish, with a mobile device, you should first log into your PayPal Sandbox account. If you don't already have one, you can register an account here: You can now use the PayPal Express Checkout sandbox to place orders.

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