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Tracking Web statistics and orders in the mobile storefront

Recognizing orders placed through the Mobile Storefront

In the ProductCart Control Panel, when an order is placed through the mobile storefront, this is noted in the order details page. In addition, when you look for an order (Orders > Locate an order), you can now use a filter to look for orders placed through:

  • Standard storefront
  • Mobile storefront
  • Both

Mobile storefront and Google Analytics

Since customers will be visiting a separate section of your Web site, you need to add the Web stats tracking code to the mobile storefront. Here we assume that you are using Google Analytics. You have two options:

  1. You can add your current GA (profile) tracking snippet to the following file: m/inc_footer.asp
  2. You can create a NEW GA profile and add the tracking code to the same file (/m/inc_footer.asp), which will make it easier to differentiate and see reports for customers viewing your store from a mobile device.

In both cases:

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