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Mobile Commerce Add-on: features


The Mobile Commerce Add-on creates a mobile-optimized storefront that was designed to present information in a quick, simple interface that is easy to navigate on a mobile device.

Current Features

Home page

The home page contains:

  • a search box
  • links to featured, new arrivals, best sellers, specials
  • featured product (e.g. product of the week)
  • browse by category

Listing products

Whenever a list of products is shown, products are shown vertically, with the following information:

  1. Product thumbnail image
  2. Product name and price
  3. “Buy” and “View” buttons (the “Buy” button is only shown if the product is eligible for "quick purchase")

When the product details page is shown, the following information is displayed:

  1. Product image
  2. Additional images
  3. Short description
  4. Product options (including support for ”Apparel” products)
  5. Custom input fields
  6. “Buy” and “View” buttons
  7. Long description

Searching for products

  • Quick search box on most pages
  • Advanced search form that allows for searches:
    • Keyword
    • Exact phrase
    • SKU
    • Price less than…
    • Only in stock


Checkout is quite difficult on a mobile device unless you use system that has been designed specifically for quick checkout on mobile devices. For this reason, the Mobile Commerce Add-on at this time requires checkout through the new PayPal Mobile Express Checkout, which provides a very quick checkout experience.

Feature Limitations

The following product-related features are not supported (and therefore the information is not shown)

  • Build to Order configuration: a BTO product cannot be configured through the Mobile interface.
  • Cross selling: will not be displayed
  • Bundles: will not be displayed
  • Tell a friend: button will not be displayed
  • Wish list: button will not be displayed
  • Next/Previous: buttons will not be displayed
  • Not for sale override
    The “Not For Sale Override” feature introduced in v4.1 is not supported. So a “private sale” that takes advantage of that feature will not be accessible via the Mobile web site.
  • Subscriptions
    The integration with SubscriptionBridge to support the sale of subscriptions (products/services that require recurring payments) was introduced with v4.1 and is not supported in the Mobile Commerce Add-on. Subscription products will be treated as regular products.
  • SEO-Friendly URLs: are not currently supported on the Mobile Storefront

Some of these limitations will likely be removed over time.

Upcoming Features

There are features that we are considering adding in the near future.

  • Reviews:
    • Show average rating (if any)
    • Link to list of reviews
    • Allow to post new review
  • Large product image

Feature limitations: BETA

The following features were not supported BETA release, but have been added in v1. The BETA release is no longer available.

  • Apparel Add-on products
  • Additional product images
  • Coupons
  • Gift Certificates
  • Reward Points

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