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Mobile Commerce Add-on: Settings - v4 ONLY

Please visit the following page on the Help Desk for more information about Mobile and v5:

To open the Mobile Commerce settings page, select Settings > Store Settings > Mobile Commerce Settings.

Example of mobile storefront default interface

Enter the file name of the graphic (e.g.: mylogo.gif) that you want to show at the top left of the mobile storefront.

  • Enter the file name only, no path.
  • Recommended size is 100px (width) by 30px (height) or less.
  • The file must be uploaded to the “m/images” folder
  • By default, an “Early Impact” logo is displayed, as shown in the example on the right, so you can get an idea of how your logo might fit in the interface.

Display Settings

Home Page

  • Show the top navigation bar on the home page
    In the image on the right, for example, the navigation bar is shown and all 4 links mentioned below are visible.
    • Show the “Specials” text link in the top navigation
    • Show the “New” arrivals text link in the top navigation
    • Show the “Best Sellers” text link in the top navigation
    • Show the “Featured” products text link in the top navigation

Search Results

  • Show page navigation at the top of the search results
  • Show page navigation at the bottom of the search results

Other Settings

Credit Card Types

This refers to the credit card types that you accept through your PayPal Express Checkout account. For example, not all PayPal merchants accept American Express.

This setting is only for stores using ProductCart v4. It is not necessary for stores using v4.1 as the same setting is already set through the Control Panel PayPal settings.

  • Visa Card
  • Master Card
  • American Express
  • Discover

Enable Add-Ons

  • Apparel Add-On
    Specify whether or not the store uses the Apparel Add-on. Although the presence of the Apparel Add-on could be detected by reviewing your store's version number, this setting allows for additional security in case the version number is somehow incorrect.

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