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Connecting to your MS SQL database to run a query

Downloading a free MS SQL server management tool

You can connect to your MS SQL database either through a tool provided by your Web hosting company (some Web hosting control panels include such a tool) or using a desktop application. There are two free desktop applications that you can use:

  • SQL Enterprise Manager (for SQL 2000)
    To install it download a free trial of MS SQL 2000, and during installation opt to only install the “Tools”. You will be able to use the Tools beyond the free trial period.
  • SQL Server Management Studio (for SQL 2005 and SQL 2008)
    To install it download the "Management Tools" from the MS SQL Express download options page. If you want to run MS SQL Express locally to install ProductCart on your desktop, then “Database with Management Tools” from the download page (see instructions about using MS SQL Express for testing and development)

Running a query

In either application, connect to the SQL server, find the database you want to use and highlight it in the Server Manager window. Once your Database is highlighted, click on “Tools” and select “SQL Query Analyzer”.

This will bring up the SQL Query Analyzer with the correct database already selected. On the SQL Query Tool Analyzer toolbar, pick the “Load SQL Script” button (CTRL+SHIFT+P). This will allow you to load the SQL script into the SQL Query Analyzer. Once the script is loaded, you will see it in the Query window.

To run the script, click the “Execute Query” button (F5) on the toolbar. The script will run and create all the objects that are needed in the database. The process might take some time as dozens of tables need to be created.

Running the query to setup a ProductCart database

If you are installing ProductCart, see running the initial database setup query.

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