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How to rename the "productcart" folder

Steps to edit it

All of ProductCart's files are by default included in a folder called productcart. You may rename the productcart folder to personalize the address of your store, but you should NOT remove it, or alter the folder hierarchy. You can rename the productcart folder before or after you install and activate ProductCart, but since there are a few things to change if you do this after the fact, it’s a good idea to make this change before you start using the software.

For example, the URL to the default home page is typically something like

… but you might want to change it to something like…

You must not remove the productcart folder. To rename it, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the file productcartfolder.asp in the includes directory and download it to your local system using your favorite FTP program.
  2. Open the file with Notepad or an HTML editor and change the name productcart to any other name that you would like to use (only use alphanumeric characters in the name and no spaces). Save the edited file and re-upload it to your server via FTP.
  3. Change the name of the productcart folder itself to the new folder name that you have just entered in the productcartfolder.asp file. In the example mentioned above, the file would be edited from…
private const scPcFolder="productcart"


private const scPcFolder="shop"

"Order Received" Emails

You might also need to change the link in the 'copy' for the “Order Received' email, which can be accessed via: Settings > Store Settings > E-mail Settings.

E-commerce widget for Blogs

If you have installed the E-commerce widget for Blogs you will also need to re-generate the Widget.

Folder name and database connection string

If you have not yet activated ProductCart, keep this folder name into account when you create the database connection string if you are using a DSN-less database connection to a MS Access database. If this sounds confusing, don't worry. You will find detailed instructions on how to connect ProductCart to a MS Access database in the Installation section of the ProductCart User Guide.

If you already activated ProductCart and you are using a DSN-less connection to a MS Access database, you will need to edit it accordingly or every page in your store will return an error indicating that the system cannot connect to the database. The database connection string is located in the file storeconstants.asp inside the includes folder.

Folder name and Parent Paths Disabled

How to Change the Folder Name on a PPD Installation

If you are running ProductCart on a Web server that has Parent Paths Disabled and wish to change the “productcart” folder name, you will have to edit the hard-coded paths to the include files. In simple terms, you will need to perform the following find & replace tasks on the entire “productcart” folder, using a tool such as the Find & Replace utility contained in Adobe Dreamweaver.

Make sure that you are using a Find & Replace tool that allows you to search the source code of every file under the “productcart” folder, and set it so that it is not case sensitive. If you are using the Find & Replace utility included in Dreamweaver:

  1. Click on CTRL+F on your keyboard to open the Find & Replace utility
  2. Under Find In select Folder and then navigate to the “productcart” folder that contains the files to edit
  3. Under Search select Source Code
  4. Enter the text strings mentioned below in the Find and Replace text areas respectively
  5. Select Replace All
  6. You will need to repeat this task 4 times, for each of the Replace statements mentioned below

Please note that this will make every ProductCart Update more difficult as you will need to perform the same “Find & Replace” tasks on the updated files before uploading those files to your Web server.

Only perform the edits below if your store has Parent Paths Disabled. For the more usual Parents Path Enabled version you only need to change the constant as described above.

Find & Replace Strings

For example, to change “productcart” into “store”, you would have to perform the following 4 find & replace tasks.



… with:




… with:




… with:




… with:


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