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ProductCart and IE 9

Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer version 9 has now been released. ProductCart released an official patch for ProductCart v4 and v4.1 that addresses a compatibility between IE9 and the jQuery JavaScript framework, which resulted in problems in the storefront, including One Page Chekcout.

Internet Explorer 9 BETA

This section is now outdated. We are keeping it in the documentation just in case you needed to detect IE 9 for whatever reason. In most cases, you will not want to redirect users of IE 9 to another page, but rather simply update the store to support IE 9 as described above.

Place the following code in your ProductCart header file (pc/header.asp) to display a friendly message to users of Internet Explorer 9. This was used by ProductCart-powered stores when IE 9 was in BETA and ProductCart was still investigating compatibility issues.

Here are the steps:

  1. Download “pc/header.asp”
  2. Open the file with a text editor
  3. Add the following snippet directly below the line ”<!–#include file=“inc_header.asp” –>”
    '// Redirect Internet Explorer 9 Beta
    pcv_strUA = Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_USER_AGENT") 
    pcv_strDoRedirect = getUserInput(Request("redirect"),2)
    pcv_strUA = lcase(pcv_strUA)  
    If instr(pcv_strUA,"msie 9.0") AND pcv_strDoRedirect<>"no" Then
                    response.redirect "msgb.asp?redirect=no&message="&Server.URLEncode("Dear Valued Customer, you are using a browser that is in BETA. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer 9 Beta is not ready.  Please try another browser that is more stable.")
    End If

  4. Save the file and upload it to your server. Please make a backup before you replace the original file.

Please remember to remove the code above if you implemented it in your store and no longer need it in place.

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