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How to hide prices for Not For Sale products


The price of a product is normally shown when the product is set to be Not for Sale. For example, this might be a “Coming Soon” product, so showing the price makes sense. There are scenarios, however, in which you might want to hide the price when a product is not available for sale. In ProductCart v4.1, you can do so by making a few simple code changes.

Code Changes

Enabling this feature requires a small, manual code change. The feature might become a setting that can be controlled from the ProductCart Control Panel in a future release.

The files to edit - all in the pc folder - are:

  • viewPrdCode.asp
  • pcShowProductH.asp
  • pcShowProductL.asp
  • pcShowProductM.asp
  • pcShowProductP.asp

Do the following:

  • Download the files via FTP
  • Make a backup copy of all of them
  • Open them in Notepad or your favorite HTML editor
  • Locate the line that reads:
    pcHidePricesIfNFS = 0

  • Replace it with:

    pcHidePricesIfNFS = 1

  • Save the 5 files and upload them back to the pc folder on your Web server

Hiding prices in a "Private Shopping Club"

You can use this setting, for example, when creating a ”Private Shopping Club” with ProductCart, a new feature that is available with ProductCart v4.1. In that scenario, shoppers will not see any prices (and not be able to purchase any products), unless they belong to a special Customer Pricing Category that overrides the “Not For Sale” product setting.

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