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Display Twitter Updates on your ProductCart Storefront

Twitter has become a great marketing tool for businesses. It allows you to keep your customers updated with quick, frequent messages. In some cases, it might make sense to show those updates right on your storefront. For example, you could post updates regarding products or categories that are on sale, coupons, new articles published on your Blog, etc.

To add Twitter updates to your storefront, use the Twitter Profile Widget.

Simply copy and paste the code that Twitter provides to you when you click on “Finish & Grab Code”. You will typically want to paste the code into the left or right-side column in your store design (pc/header.asp or pc/footer.asp, depending on how your store has been designed). The Widget allows you to set properties such as size and colors so that Twitter updates will merge nicely with the rest of your design.

An example

You can see Twitter updates embedded into a ProductCart-powered store by looking at the right-side column of the following demo store on the ProductCart Web site. It contains updates from the “ProductCart” Twitter account.

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