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Display the Primary Admin's Control Panel welcome page to other Control Panel users

Some ProductCart merchants have expressed a desire to have certain of their staff be brought to the same Control Panel welcome page as the Primary Admin user when these other users log in the the store's Control Panel.

This page displays various report displays and quick views to things like recent help desk messages, recent orders, recent customer, etc. … things other staff using the Control Panel could find very useful, even if they have limited access to only certain aspects of the back end of the store.

To grant these users access to this page when they log in is a simple one line edit.

First you will need to know the integer status of each level of access:

Status ID Access Level
1 Settings
2 Products
3 Marketing
4 Shipping
5 Payments
6 Tax Settings
7 Customers
8 Affiliates
9 Orders
10 Reports
11 Manage Pages

To grant any combination of user access levels access to this screen, find the following line of code in /pcadmin/menu.asp:

IF (session("PmAdmin")="19") THEN %> 

Then add to that argument using the following formula for each access level:

OR InStr(session("PmAdmin"),"N*")

where N is the status ID you would like to grant access for.

For example, if you wanted to allow Control Panel users who have been granted access to Orders and Reports, you would edit this argument as follows:

IF session("PmAdmin")="19" OR InStr(session("PmAdmin"),"9*") OR InStr(session("PmAdmin"),"10*") THEN %> 

By using this simple edit to your default menu screen, you can have a fine-tuned level of control over who has access to this handy page.

While there are links to various things displayed on this screen a user might not be granted access to, they cannot get to those things from this screen if they have not been granted access to them. That is, a user who has only been granted access to customers, for example, will not be able to access anything else, such as orders or products.

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