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Creating a mirror environment of your 'live' store using default ProductCart files

Why we may ask you to do so

Due to the high number of issues reported by customers that are actually caused by a conflict in the custom header, footer, CSS or other modification to the source code… there will be cases where customers will be asked to try and replicate the problem using the default ProductCart files with their own database. Creating a 'mirror' store that uses the default files is very straightforward and can be done in a few minutes.

How to do it

Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Using your hosting control panel, or FTP access to your server… create a directory/folder under the Root called “default” (so this directory will be on the same level as your 'productcart' or 'store' folder).
  2. Upload only the 'Captcha', 'includes' and 'pc' folders, sub folders and files from your original ProductCart file set, to the 'default' folder. If you have updated to a newer version of ProductCart, and the original files are no longer applicable, please submit a support request to ProductCart and request the default 'includes' and 'pc' folders for your specific version.
  3. Copy the following files from your “live” store to the 'default/includes' folder (overwriting the existing ones):
    • includes/storeconstants.asp
    • includes/settings.asp
    • includes/shipFromSettings.asp
    • includes/productcartFolder.asp (you also need to edit the variable in this file, changing it to “default” to match the folder name)
  4. Although it shouldn't be necessary for troubleshooting purposes, if you have direct access to the server you might also want to copy over the 'pc/images' and 'pc/catalog' folders/files (so that the product images and buttons will also be visible on the “default” store).

Testing in the mirror store

You now have a 'mirror' environment that you can use to try and replicate the issue you are experiencing on your store. Your 'mirror' environment will be accessible via a path similar to the following:

Since the 'mirror' site also connects to the LIVE database, make sure you understand that any changes you make to the settings (if you are also replicating the Control Panel files) and any test orders that are placed in the mirrored storefront will appear in the 'live' store.

Other notes

  • Folder permissions
    You may need to assign the same permissions to the new folders and files as you did for the 'live' store.
  • Redirect URL
    If your checkout process uses SSL (HTTPS), the “mirror” store will switch back to the “live” store unless you edit the variable 'scSSLUrl' in 'default/includes/settings.asp'.
  • SEO-Friendly URLs (graphical interface is not displaying properly)
    If your server is configured to use SEO-Friendly URLs in your 'live' store, these settings will cause the 'mirror' store not to properly render the 'default' header and footer, so you need to edit the related line in the file ”/includes/settings.asp”. Make sure the following line in the file for the 'mirror' store looks like this:

private const scSeoURLs404 = 0

  • Updates
    As you apply updates to your 'live' store, remember to also upload the files for the new version to your 'mirror' store as well.

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