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Changing the Store URL (scStoreURL)


When you first install ProductCart, the system saves the the URL to your store in a “constant” called scStoreURL which is stored in a file called ”storeconstants.asp” located in the ”includes” folder.

The URL of the store is then used when automatically generating URLs to specific store pages. It is also used when communicating with some payment gateways and other systems.

Therefore, it is very important that it is setup correctly. The reason why it cannot be changed directly in the Control Panel is exactly that this is a very important variable and that it should never be edited once it is correctly set.

To view the current Store URL for your store, log into your Control Panel and go to Help > Troubleshooting Utility.

When to edit it

There are special situations in which the Store URL needs to be edited. For example:

  • When changing the domain name associated with your store
  • When changing the physical location of your store files in your Web site directory structure
  • When adding a domain name to a store that was until then using an IP address
  • When moving a store from a testing to a production environment (because the domain name typically changes)

How to edit it

  • Download the file “storeconstants.asp” from your Web server, using your favorite FTP software.
  • Make a backup copy of it
  • Open it in Notepad or your favorite HTML editor
  • Locate the line that contains the constant “scStoreURL”
  • Change the value between the two double quotes
  • Save the file and upload it back to the server

Log into your Control Panel and go to Help > Troubleshooting Utility to verify that the Store URL has been correctly updated.

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