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Adding "Welcome <Customer Name>!" message to your store's design

The following code snippet is provided “as is” without any warranty or guarantee

You can paste the following code snippet into your header or footer:

		' START - Show Logged In
		If NOT len(session("pcStrCustName"))>0 Then
			pcv_intCustomerIdTmp = session("idCustomer")
			if validNum(pcv_intCustomerIdTmp) then	
				if pcv_intCustomerIdTmp>0 then		
					query = "SELECT name, lastName, email FROM customers WHERE idCustomer = " & pcv_intCustomerIdTmp
					set RSCustomerName = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
					set RSCustomerName = conlayout.execute(query)
					pcv_strCustNameTmp = RSCustomerName("name") & " " & RSCustomerName("lastName")
					session("pcStrCustName") = pcv_strCustNameTmp
				end if
			end if	
		End If
		If len(session("pcStrCustName"))>0 Then
			response.write("<div class=""pcSmallText"">" & dictLanguage.Item(Session("language")&"_CustPref_10") & session("pcStrCustName") & "! " & "<a href=""CustLO.asp"">" & dictLanguage.Item(Session("language")&"_CustPref_4") & "</a></div>")
		End If
		' END - Show Logged In

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