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How to Add "Shop by Price" Links to your Navigation

Here you will learn how to add a “Shop by Price” navigation area to your ProductCart-powered store. Click here to view a working example (see the left-side navigation).

A basic knowledge of HTML is required for this topic.

Helping customers better locate what they are looking for is a smart way to increase sales. Customers love to be able to browse your store in a variety of ways. Allowing them to “Shop by Price” is one of them. This can be easily accomplished with ProductCart. Let's see how:

  1. Create a new HTML page using your favorite HTML editor (or open an existing page, including “header.asp” or “footer.asp”).
  2. Write the following text:
    Shop by Price
    From $20 to $50

  3. Load ProductCart's advanced search page in your storefront.
  4. Using the price filters, enter 20 in the “From” field and “50” in the “To” field.
  5. Don't use any of the other filters (unless you want to further limit the search results).
  6. Select the number of results that you would like users to see when they perform this search.
  7. Click on the “Continue” button to execute the search.
  8. Once the search page has loaded, click inside your browser's “Address” bar. The URL of the current page will be automatically selected. Right-click and select “Copy”.
  9. Turn your text into a link using the URL that you just copied from the browser address field. The URL is typically quite long, but that doesn't matter as it will not show on the page. Your link should look like this (where “paste your url here” is replaced by the URL that you just copied).

    Shop by Price
    <a href="paste your url here">From $20 to $50</a>

  10. You are done. You can repeat this for as many price tiers as you want. You links will work anywhere on your store, so you can place them wherever you'd like.

We hope you like it and that it helps you increase your sales! And remember that with ProductCart it's easy to offer your customers a variety of other ways to browse your store. For instance, you can create multiple category trees (e.g. Browse by Category, Browse by Occasion, Browse by Style, etc.). Since products can be assigned to an unlimited number of categories, you can have the same product show up in a variety of places.

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