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ProductCart v5 Facebook Store Module

One of the cool new features in ProductCart v5 is the ability for merchants to show items from their ProductCart store, directly on their Facebook page!


  • You must have a Facebook page
  • Your ProductCart store must be able to support HTTPS (i.e. you need a SSL Certificate installed on your site)

Setup - Facebook side

Step 1

The first step is to 'create' the Facebook application to connect to your existing ProductCart store. On your Facebook Home Page, click on the “Create App” link under the “Developer” section:

If you do not see this section, you will need to sign up for a Facebook Developer Account (it's free):

Sign up for a Facebook Developer Account

Step 2

Once you have successfully upgraded from a Personal Facebook Account to a Developer Account, click on the 'Create App' link and the 'Create App' button on the next page.

  • Enter the Name (e.g. “Online Store”) and the Category of your new Facebook App.

Step 3

On the next page, save/remember your App ID that is shown. This will be used to connect your Facebook page with your ProductCart store.

Sandbox Mode: Select the Radio Button “Disabled

Step 4

Select the “Page Tab” option and enter your Page Tab Name (this will be displayed on your Facebook page) and your Store URLs. Point to the following page:

…. /pc/facebook.asp

Step 5

Enter the following URL in your browser, using the App ID that you created in the above step, and then click [Go] or press [Enter] to load the page.

Step 6

Select your Facebook Page on the Dropdown menu, then click on the “Add Page Tab”.

Step 7

Go to your Facebook Page to view and position the icon for your Facebook Store.==

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