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What is the eBay Add-on?


In a nutshell, the ProductCart eBay Add-on is both an auction management and listing enhancement system engineered to seamlessly integrate with your ProductCart-powered store and designed to help you develop a new sales channel on eBay. It's a new, convenient way to post your store inventory on eBay.

When you post your products and/or services on eBay you are making them available to millions of new online buyers. Your company is also gaining tremendous exposure for a very low cost (a small listing fee). The eBay Add-on has been designed to make listing products on eBay a simple, “no hassle” process. You select a category, tell eBay about your item, and list it. It’s that easy. ProductCart automatically fills your listing details and manages your entire inventory according to your existing ProductCart settings.

The eBay Add-on also contains listing management and productivity features for Power Sellers and the eBay enthusiast. For example, you can create templates and bulk list entire categories of products at once. At a glance you can view active listings, high bidders, current price, and a time remaining count-downs. You can even show on your own ProductCart-powered storefront which items are currently being listed (e.g. auctioned) on eBay.

For more information and to purchase the eBay Add-on for your ProductCart-powered e-commerce store, please visit the ProductCart Web site:

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