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System Requirements | eBay Add-on for ProductCart

In order to use the ProductCart eBay Add-on, you must have:

  1. A store using ProductCart version 3 or above.
    ProductCart version 2.x is not supported (consider upgrading to ProductCart v3). You do not need to worry about whether or not your ProductCart-powered store has been customized. The eBay Add-on does not replace any of your existing files. It’s completely “external” from your existing ProductCart store.
  2. Ordered List Item
    You must use version 3 of the Microsoft XML parser MSXML is installed by default on Windows servers. You can view/edit the version of MSXML used by your ProductCart-powered store in the “Help > Troubleshooting Utility” area of your ProductCart Control Panel
  3. You must have an eBay account, eBay Motors, eBay express, and others are not currently supported. We may add support for these marketplaces in the future.

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