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Showing eBay Listings on your ProductCart Storefront

You have the option to display your and other eBay listings on your ProductCart-powered storefront by using a small display module. You may also display additional related eBay auction items to supplement your listings, and earn commissions for your eBay referrals. For more information visit the eBay referral program website.

To use this feature complete the following steps.

Adding the code snippet

Add the following “code snippet” to your header or footer file in the area (e.g. a DIV or a table cell) where you want the items to appear.

<!-- START eBay -->
<!--#include file="eBay_ShowItems.asp"-->
<!-- END eBay --> 

Configuring settings

Fill out the following details and click the “Save Settings” button.

  • Seller ID: This is the username you use to log into your eBay account. To display listings from multiple eBay account, enter multiple Seller Ids separated by a comma (e.g. SellerA, SellerB).
  • Category ID: If you enter a Category Id, the system will only display items from that category. You may enter multiple Category Ids separated by a comma (e.g. 1234, 4321).
  • Sort Order: Select how you would like your results sorted. All results will be displayed in descending order.
  • Max Results: Specify the maximum number of results to display. You cannot display more than 50 results.
  • Keywords: If you enter keywords eBay will search for listings that match. Only results relevant to your keywords will be displayed. You may enter multiple keywords separated by a comma (e.g. ipod, iphone).
  • Affiliate Sales PID #: This is the PID from your Commission Junction account. Commission Junction handles the eBay affiliate program. Note that this is not your account number.

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