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Default Preferences

You can define a series of preferences that will be used to create your listings. You will also be able to change the default preferences before publishing a specific listing on eBay.

eBay Stores

Activates Store Inventory Format. In addition to Auction-style and Fixed Price, eBay Stores subscribers get access to this listing format which has a longer duration and lower Insertion Fees but provides limited visibility. You must be subscribed to eBay Stores to use this feature.

  • Turn eBay Stores On or Off
  • Select Default Custom Store Category

Starting Price

Set the price at which the bidding will begin. For example, a starting price of $9.99 means that the first bid must be at least $9.99.

  • Supports Online or List Prices
  • Offset Starting Price +/- amount


Select how long your listing will run. In general, a longer duration results in higher prices or increases the chances of a sale.

Payment Types

Select merchant credit cards only if you have a merchant account. Otherwise, you can use PayPal to accept credit card payments.

Shipping Selections

Add/ Remove up to three domestic and three international shipping options. You can choose from flat rate or calculated shipping services, where eBay calculates the actual shipping charges for the services you decide to offer.

Set Localization Preferences

  • Time Offset (Timezone): Tell ProductCart your timezone so it can display eBay expiration notices accurately for your region. By default all eBay time is GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).
  • Language: Specify the language in which eBay will display notices and error messages.
  • Item Location: The location of your eBay inventory.
  • Currency: The currency that will be displayed on your eBay listings.
  • eBay Site: The site ProductCart will contact for updates. This is where your eBay inventory will be listed.

Select this option and ProductCart will pre-fill your item listing's gallery views with your product's additional images.

Listing Templates

Select this option to enable custom templates.

  • Use Product Description
  • Use Custom Layout Template

Reserve Price

The reserve price is the absolute lowest price at which you are willing to sell your item. If the highest bid does not meet this price, you're under no obligation to sell the item to the highest bidder. Additional fees may apply.

  • Show or Hide
  • Supports Online, List, or No Default Prices
  • Offset Starting Price +/- amount

Buy It Now

Enables eBay's instant purchase feature.

  • Show or Hide
  • Supports Online, List, or No Default Prices
  • Offset Starting Price +/- amount

If you do not already have a seller rating on Ebay the only way to get the “Buy it Now” option activated at Ebay is to sign up for the Ebay id verify program.

Private Listing

You can keep the User IDs of buyers hidden so that only you see them in the listing's bid or buy history.

  • Show or Hide
  • Selected by Default

Item Specifics

Add details or key features that will help buyers find and select your item. You can add or remove details. Create a custom detail by clicking the “Enter a custom detail” link or entering text into the blank fields.

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