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Activating the ProductCart eBay Add-on

To activate the eBay Add-on in ProductCart follow these steps:

Create an eBay account.

  1. If you already have an account skip to step two

If you do not already have a seller rating on Ebay the only way to get the “Buy it Now” option activated at Ebay is to sign up for the Ebay id verify program.

Install the eBay Add-on Add-on

  1. Unzip the eBay Add-on
  2. Locate the correct folder (Parent Paths Enabled or Parent Paths Disabled) based on your server settings.
  3. Upload the files to their corresponding ProductCart folders. Remember that the “pcadmin” folder has very likely been renamed on your store. Therefore, make sure to rename it on your desktop before you begin the FTP transfer, or else your FTP software will create a new “pcadmin” folder on the Web server.
  4. Note that since the eBay Add-on includes a substantial amount of information, the total file size is over 12 MB and therefore could take several minutes to upload. Be patient while your FTP program completes the file transfer.

Activate the eBay Add-on

  1. Find your home page. After all files have been uploaded to your ProductCart Control Panel, login and load the eBay Add-on’s home page. The Add-on activation procedure will automatically begin the first time you load this page. To find the home page type the following URL into your browser, replacing “yourDomain” and “adminFolder” with their correct values for your store:

    Bookmark this page so that you can quickly find it again next time you need to use the eBay Add-on.

  2. Create Database Tables. The first time the home page loads it will ask you to update the ProductCart database. New tables and fields will be added to the database to support the eBay Add-on. Existing data will not be altered. Still, we strongly recommend that you back up your store’s database before proceeding. When you are ready, click “Update Your ProductCart Database” to continue.

  3. Set eBay Account Permissions. After your database has been updated you will be asked to grant ProductCart permissions to access your eBay account. Simply put, you need to tell eBay that ProductCart is allowed to make requests to your eBay account on your behalf. Follow the on-screen instructions to set your eBay account permissions.
  4. Save your username. Next you need to type the username you use to login into your eBay account and click “Save”. This is the final step and will activate the ProductCart eBay Add-on.
  5. Activation completed. If you have completed this step successfully you should see the following message on your screen “Activation Completed Successfully! Please follow the instructions below to finish installation.

Check for Updates

After your username is saved you will be asked to check for updates. Why? Because some of the information used by the eBay Add-on is provided directly by eBay and it might have changed since the time the Add-on files where delivered to you.

To start the update wizard that will complete the update process for you click Launch eBay Updater.

Site Preferences

You will be asked to save your eBay Site and Locations Preferences. ProductCart needs this information to determine which eBay site settings to download. Enter the following details:

  1. Time Offset (Timezone): Tell ProductCart your timezone so it can display eBay expiration notices accurately for your region. By default all eBay time is GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).
  2. Language: Specify the language in which eBay will display notices and error messages.
  3. Item Location: The location of your eBay inventory.
  4. Currency: The currency that will be displayed on your eBay listings.
  5. eBay Site: The site ProductCart will contact for updates. This is where your eBay inventory will be listed, and typically depends on where you are geographically located.

Update Wizard

After your Site and Location Preferences are saved you may continue to the eBay Updater. Updating your database with eBay’s latest details is an important step. The update wizard will perform three tasks, which are listed below as step one, two, and three. Each step will be completed automatically with on screen status updates. You do not need to do anything while the updating is under way. Simply click “Start Updater” to initiate the wizard.

  1. Step One
    In this step we will contact the eBay systems to check for updates. If no updates are required we will exit the setup wizard. If updates are needed ProductCart will synchronize its database with the eBay systems and download new category details.
  2. Step Two
    Step two will run automatically if updates are required in Step One. If updates are needed ProductCart will synchronize its database with the eBay systems and generate new menus.
  3. Step Three
    Step three will run automatically if updates are required in Step One. If updates are needed ProductCart will download new shipping service, package, and payment information.

When all of the updates have been completed click the “View Main Menu” button to return to the main page. This will take you the main menu, or Welcome Screen.

Depending on the length of your update and your server settings you may need to login again to view the main menu. If any errors are encountered during the update wizard you will be notified on the screen. Errors are rare and are usually resulting of eBay’s service being temporarily unavailable. So in the case of an error it is recommended that you simply try again.

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