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eBay Add-on Quick Glossary

What is a Listing?

A product that has been prepared for display on eBay is called a listing. A listing can be:

  • Active (currently available for purchase on eBay)
  • Completed (The auction is over and the price is final)
  • Ended (The auction is over, but the pricing details are not final)
  • Pending (expired or saved for later use).

What is a Draft?

A Draft is a product that has been partially prepared for display on eBay, but has not been checked for errors. You create a draft when you save an unfinished listing.

What is a Template?

A Template is a saved listing format. You can use a template to create several, similar listings very quickly. Each listing will have the same details as the template from which it was generated. You can then quickly edit it to make it a unique listing.

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