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eBay Add-on Frequently Asked Questions

What Shipping Options are available for eBay Listings?

eBay has its own internal shipping charge calculation system. The shipping options you have created in ProductCart are unfortunately not eligible for your eBay Listings, and therefore you will have to specify separate shipping options for your eBay listings.

The eBay Add-on supports Flat, Calculated, and Local Shipping options for both Domestic and International Carriers. Note that calculated shipping is only available on the United States, Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom eBay Web sites.

You can offer shipping insurance as the eBay Add-on fully supports all eBay insurance options.

The eBay Add-on supports “self-hosted” images and the Gallery options. This option is perfect for the vast majority of ProductCart stores because they already have their own hosting space where images are located. So there is no need to pay eBay for hosting them for you. eBay-hosted images are not currently supported.

Are my store’s inventory levels adjusted when I post a listing?

Yes, when you post an item on eBay, ProductCart reduces the inventory count for that item in ProductCart by 1 unit. This is done to “reserve” the product for the potential eBay sale. If later the item does not sell, inventory is readjusted (the unit is added back to the current inventory count). The readjustment happens when the listing status is “Completed”.

Will eBay customers checkout on my ProductCart-powered store?

No. eBay’s system does not currently support 3rd Party Checkout for individual stores. Therefore, this feature is not available to anyone hosting their own ecommerce store. Your eBay customers will checkout at eBay, using “eBay compatible” payment methods.

Since we understand that having eBay orders show up in your ProductCart Control Panel would be extremely handy, we are going to revisit this limitation regularly with eBay. Hopefully at some point there will be a way for us to add this functionality.

How can I view my eBay sales in ProductCart?

eBay sales are displayed on the “Completed” listings view, under Manage Listings. If an item is completed and does not show be sure to click the “Synchronize” button so ProductCart can obtain the latest status of your eBay Listings.

Can I charge taxes?

Yes, you can use the eBay Tax Table System. For this purpose, you need to set up your tax settings in your eBay account. Your ProductCart tax settings will not be used and cannot be copied over as the settings are stored directly in your eBay account.

Will my Gift Certificates and Coupons work with eBay Add-on?

No. An eBay listing can only use the features provided by eBay. There are many ProductCart features that are not “transferable” to an eBay Listing. This includes Gift Certificates, Gift Registries, electronic coupons, quantity discounts (tiered pricing), and others. Since each listing is an individual product, some of the features simply do not apply.

How can we contact a bidder?

You can load the eBay Messaging System from your eBay account. The eBay Add-on does not have built-in communication tools. However, the eBay Add-on will display the current bidder details, at which point you can email the bidder or use your eBay account’s messaging system.

How do I know if I receive an order from eBay?

ProductCart will display a “SALE” indicator on all listings that have sold. However, ProductCart does not send e-mail notifications for eBay Orders. You will be contacted directly by eBay when an event occurs, such as a “Buy Now” listing that was sold.

What does the synchronization utility do?

The synch button updates the eBay Listing's details in ProductCart. It allows you to view the current bids, pricing, remaining time, etc.

Do prices change on eBay if they change in ProductCart?

If you change a price for a ProductCart in ProductCart and the same product is an active listing on eBay, the listing is not affected. Prices do not change for your eBay Listings when they change in ProductCart.

What if a product is made inactive?

If you make a ProductCart inactive in ProductCart while the same product is listed on eBay, this will not have any effect on the listing: the listing will remain active.

Is there an easy way I can list all new products on eBay?

The ProductCart eBay Add-on contains a handy bulk listing tool that speeds up the process of listing groups of items on eBay. The items can be located using the built-in search utility, but there is no specific option to select only the “new” items.

A good workaround would be to create a category called “New Products” and add those items to the category when you add them to the store (products can belong to multiple categories at the same time in ProductCart). You can then select that category when using the search utility during the bulk listing process.

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