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Custom Listing Layouts

In this area of the eBay Add-on you can manage your HTML templates and use Smart Tags to dynamically populate your layouts with product information.

Custom layouts allow you to present your products in a more professional, personalized way on eBay. There are many articles on the Internet about creating optimized listings for eBay.

There are two ways for you to create a custom layout:

  1. Using the built-in HTML editor
  2. Pasting HTML code directly from another application. For example, you might decide to create your layout in Adobe Dreamweaver, then copy and paste it here. However, please note that if you copy and paste your own HTML code, and then use the built-in HTML editor, the code might change due to the way in which the HTML editor manipulates HTML tags.

If you want your template to contain product specific details you can use Smart Tags. Smart Tags act as “placeholders” for your product and company details. When you create a listing, ProductCart will replace each tag with the corresponding product or company information. For example, if you used the tag #price# ProductCart would replace the tag with the actual price while creating the listing.

Here is a list of valid HTML tags.


Once you are satisfied with your listing Layout click the “Save Layout” button. To make this your default layout visit “Listing Preferences”.

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