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Creating a Listing or Template

The Listing Wizard will load when you select any of the “Create eBay Listings” options. The Wizards are designed to be simple, easy to follow steps.

  1. Select an eBay Category
    1. Use the “Browser eBay Categories” Link: the system will automatically show you the sub-category trees as you select a parent category. Once you get to the final category level, the selected category will be saved. You can choose to list your item in more than one category. Additional fees apply in this scenario.
    2. Or use the recently used category menu
  2. Describe the item you are selling. Some of the information will be automatically pre-filled from your ProductCart store database (e.g. product description, images).
  3. Review the listing fees
  4. Save the Item
    1. Save as a “Listing”: This option immediately posts your listing to eBay. Your eBay account is charged (if you are in Live Mode). Your listing status will be displayed in the Manage Listings pages. Be sure to use the synchronize button to keep your listing details up-to-date.
    2. Save as a “Pending Listing and Template”: A template is generated and your listing is saved in the Pending section. You can delete the listing, or post it to eBay at a later time. Your template can be used to bulk-list items.

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