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Appendix A - Current Feature List

The following features are currently available in the ProductCart eBay Add-on

Listing Creation

  • Bulk Upload Listings
  • Single Product Listings
  • Template Listings
  • Save Listing Drafts

Listing Enhancements

  • Custom Listing Layout Templates
  • SmartTags pre-fill template details
  • HTML editor by Innova Studio

Integrated Inventory Control

  • Listings are linked to Products
  • Inventory levels are automatically updated in the store when items are published to eBay.

Listing Management

  • Auction Synchronization
  • At a glance status
    • High Bidder
    • Current Price
    • Reserve Price Met
    • Etc…
  • Archive Completed Listings
  • Resend eBay Invoices

Productivity Tools

  • Efficient Category Selection
    • Browse Categories
    • Recently Used Categories
  • Bulk Upload Listings
  • Save All Preferences for Quick Listings

ProductCart Integration

  • Product Level Inventory Settings
  • Linked Product Details and Images

Storefront Display Module

  • Display your auction items
  • Display other seller’s items
  • eBay Affiliate Integration
  • Earn commission on referrals

Seller Detail Settings

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Payment
  • Shipping
  • Terms of Sale
  • NOTE: the only item specific (attribute) supported is “condition”.
  • eBay Auction Items
  • eBay Store Inventory Format

Flexible Pricing Options

  • Use Product’s Online Price or List Price
  • Offset Product Price +/- any value
  • Reserve Price Support
  • Buy It Now Support
  • Place unlimited images in item description

Full eBay Shipping Support

  • Item Location
  • Domestic Flat
  • Domestic Calculated
  • Local Pickup
  • International Flat
  • International Calculated (US, CA, AU, UK)
  • Shipping and Handling
  • Discounts
  • World Services and Locations
  • Insurance
  • Get it Fast

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