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Technical notes on tax data files


If you opt to have ProductCart calculate taxes using a tax data file, the file that is uploaded to ProductCart must be a CSV file (comma separate value). ProductCart has partnered with Tax Data Systems to allow you to purchase a subscription to updated data files. These files are already formatted using the correct file format.

If for any reason you need to edit the file or if you elect to create a tax data file from scratch because you decide to no longer subscribe to Tax Data Systems’ service or elect to subscribe to a different service, then you must format the file as indicate below.

  1. The file must have 5 columns
  2. The columns must be named exactly as shown below
  3. The values entered in the column fields must adhere to instructions shown below

Formatting requirements

Required Column Name Value Example
ZIP_CODE 5-digit numeric value 94109
TOTAL_SALES_TAX Numeric 0.0825

Other notes

  • Do NOT alter the column names. They are used by ProductCart in the source code of the file that calculates taxes. If you alter the column names, the calculation will not work properly.
  • If you want to charge taxes only on the handling fees, but not the shipping charges (many US states do this), enter “N” and “Y” in the fifth and sixth columns respectively. When TAX_SHIPPING_AND_HANDLING_TOGETHER is set to Y and TAX_SHIPPING_ALONE is set to N, this means that taxes will be applied only to the handling fees. If the handling fee is built into the shipping charges (ProductCart allows you do so when configuring shipping options), only the handling fee portion of the shipping charges is taxed.
  • COUNTY_NAME and CITY_NAME are used if more than one instance of the zip code is found in the tax file. The user is then prompted to select which city/county combination that the shipping address is located in. The information is shown in a drop-down menu. If there are no values for these fields, then the drop-down menu will not contain any entries and the customer will NOT be able to complete the checkout process. Therefore, if you do not have the information needed to fill out these fields, you MUST ensure that there is only one instance of any given ZIP code in your file.

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