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Order status codes

When an order is saved

In the ProductCart database, an order's current status can be found in the orderStatus column of the orders table. The value is always an integer between 1 and 6. Below is a description of each of the values.

Note that orders are first saved to the database when a customer clicks on the “Continue” button on the order verification page (pc/orderVerify.asp), before getting to the payment details page. The page that saves data to the database is pc/SaveOrd.asp. At that point, no payment information has been collected from the customer, and the customer has not decided whether to finalize the order. Therefore, ProductCart considers the order “incomplete”.

ProductCart Order Status Codes

Description Status Code
Incomplete 1
Pending 2
Processed 3
Shipped 4
Cancelled 5
Return 6
Partially Shipped 7
Shipping 8
Partially Returned 9
New 2
Processing 3
Will Not Deliver 5
Delivered 10
Archived 12

ProductCart Payment Status Codes

The Payment Status can be found in the pcOrd_PaymentStatus column of the orders table

Description Status Code
Pending 0
Authorized 1
Paid 2
Declined 3
Cancelled 4
Cancelled by Google 5
Refunded 6
Charging 7
Voided 8

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