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Adding your Own CSS Styles to the Built-in HTML Editor

Changing the CSS used by the HTML editor

By default in ProductCart version 3.5 and above ProductCart loads the styles included in pc/pcStorefront.css in the built-in HTML editor used in the Control Panel

You can change this preference by taking the following steps:

  • Download the file “pop_HtmlEditor.asp” via FTP from your Control Panel folder
  • Open it in Notepad or your favorite HTML editor
  • Locate the line that reads:
oEdit1.css="../pc/pcStorefront.css"; //Specify external css file here
  • Change the file name and location to use a different CSS document
  • Save the file and re-upload it to your Control Panel folder

Of course, you can also edit pcStorefront.css and add your own CSS classes there. Remember that in CSS a class is defined by a perdiod at the beginning of the class name. For example:

.sampleFontStyle {
	font-family: Georgia, "Times New Roman", Times, serif;
	font-size: 12px;

Using CSS in the HTML Editor

When using the built-in HTML editor in the Control Panel, click on the “A” button to load a right-side panel that will show the styles stored in the file mentioned above. This panel allows you to use CSS classes instead of in-line styles, with the obvious advantage of being able to change one file (the CSS document that hosts those CSS classes) instead of having to edit each product description.

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