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Understanding How Categories Are Displayed

ProductCart supports 3 category display settings, as described in the Display Settings area of the Control Panel. Here is a technical explanation of how they are handled.


The main file is called viewcategories.asp, which receives the category ID via a querystring.


The file pcShowCategoryFeatured.asp handles the display of the featured category. This is a subcategory that you want to highlight, selected on the Edit Category page by using the feature Select a sub-category to be displayed as the featured category (a drop-down lists all subcategories).

Subcategories in a drop-down or in a list

The source code that handles the display of subcategories in a drop-down or when they are displayed without images (simple text links) is located directly on the viewcategories.asp page.

Categories and subcategories displayed with images

When categories are displayed with images, the page uses two include files.

  • pcShowCategoryH.asp handles the display when there is more than 1 category per row
  • pcShowCategoryP.asp handles the display when there is only 1 category per row

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