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Using a Category as a trigger

Rules can be triggered by the selection of either an item or any item within a category. So far we have only looked at rules that are triggered by the selection of a specific item. Let’s now pick another product from the demo store mentioned above and see how we can easily create a rule that is triggered by a category selection.

For this example, we will use a product called “Office Gift Basket”. ProductCart Build To Order works great as a way to allow customers to create custom gift baskets ☺

Let’s assume that for some reason customers cannot add to their Gift Basket a handheld computer if they choose to also include a digital camera.

  • From the If customers select… drop-down, we will pick the category Digital Cameras
  • In the … they cannot select area, we will select the Handheld Computers category
  • We will then click on Add Rule(s) to save this new rule.
  • We will now create a symmetric rule triggered by the Handheld Computers category.
  • After saving both rules, the rule summary page shows:

Note the icon next to the category name. The icon indicates that the trigger is a category. When you add a category similar to the above, make sure that you are not creating a conflict with category requirements set on the product configuration page for this Build To Order product.

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