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Rule Conflicts

Whenever you add a Conflict Management rule to a Build To Order product, the system will check for potential conflicts. If you are adding a rule that cannot be applied without causing conflicts, the system will notify you.

For example, if you tried to create a MUST rule applied to a the Binding Option category, and then also try to add a CANNOT rule applied to all of the products in the same category, ProductCart would return the following message: “Category 'Binding Option' was added to a 'MUST' rule, which means that an item from the category must be selected when the rule is enforced. However, all the items that are listed under this category were also added to a 'CANNOT' rule. The two rules are in conflict with one another. Please change one of the rules to resolve the conflict”.

Similar messages are shown whenever a conflict exists. A message at the top of the page indicates that a conflict has been found. Since you might be adding more than one rule at the same time, the conflicts are not listed at the top of the page, but rather next to the specific rule that presents the issues. Click on the conflict icon next to that rule to learn more about what the issues are.

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