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Installation Instructions

Follow these simple instructions to add Conflict Management to your ProductCart Build To Order store.

  • Unzip the zip that you have received.
  • Choose “Parent Path Enabled” or “Parent Path Disabled” depending on the version of ProductCart that is running on your store.
  • Upload the files to their respective folders. Note that you might have renamed the pcadmin folder for security purposes. If that is the case, make sure to upload those files to the correct folder.
  • After uploading the files to your server, you will need to update your store database. To do so, follow these steps:

o Login into the Control Panel.

o In the browser address field, replace “menu.asp” (or the current page name), with “upddb-btocm.asp”. The database update page will be loaded. If the file is not found, make sure that you have uploaded the pcadmin files to the correct folder.

o When the page loads, you will be prompted to select your database type.

o Run the database update that applies to your store.

o When the database has been updated, you will be redirected to the Control Panel start page.

The installation is complete.

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