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Combining MUST and CANNOT

You can easily combine CANNOT and MUST rules to create more complex rules. For example, let’s assume that buyers of our custom brochure must select either Matte Card Stock or Glossy Card Stock from the Paper Stock category when they choose 4-Color Printing from the Select Colors drop-down. As mentioned earlier in this document, you can’t create a MUST rule for more than one selection. However, you can certainly accomplish the logic defined above by using a combination of rules. Here are the steps:

  • First, we will create a MUST rule applied to the Paper Stock category. That allows us to force the customer to select at least one item from that category if 4-Color Printing is selected.
    • From the If customers select… drop-down, we will pick 4-Color Printing
    • In the … they must select area, we will select the Paper Stock category
    • We will then click on Add Rule(s) to save this new rule. The summary page now shows.

  • Now we need to restrict the available choices. We can do this by editing the existing rule and using the CANNOT option. On the rules summary page, we click on Edit next to the rule that we just created.
    • In the … they must select area, we will leave the Paper Stock category selected.
    • In the … they cannot select area, we will choose the items of that category that should not be available for selection. In our example, that means choosing Economy Card Stock.
    • Save the rule by clicking on the Update Rule(s) button.

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