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Adding a MUST rule

Let’s add another rule, this time using the “MUST” rule type.

Continuing our example, let’s assume that customers that wish to order a 16-page brochure must choose Wire Loop from the Binding Option category. To create the new rule, we will follow these steps:

  • From the If customers select… drop-down, we will pick 16-Page Brochure (8 sheets)
  • In the … they must select area, we will select Wire Loop from the first box (items) and leave the second box (categories) empty.
  • In the … they cannot select area, we will not make any selections.
  • We will then click on Add Rule(s) to save this new rule.

The rules summary page will now show:

In the storefront, if you select 16-Page Brochure from the Number of Pages category, the item Wire Loop is automatically selected from the Binding Option category. If you attempt to deselect it, ProductCart shows an alert box indicating that the item is required based on the first selection, as shown in the image below.

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