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Adding a CANNOT rule

Let’s go back to our example and add a CANNOT rule to the Build To Order product, to manage the conflict between two available selections. The rule that we need to define consists of not allowing customers to select a Booklet style for their brochure if they select a Horizontal orientation(1).

To create this simple rule, we will do the following:

  • From the If customers select… drop-down, we will pick Horizontal
  • We will leave the … they must select area empty.
  • In the … they cannot select area, we will choose Booklet.
  • We will then click on the Add Rule(s) button to save this new rule.

ProductCart will save the rule to the database and show a confirmation message. Click on View Summary next to the confirmation message to view a summary of the rules that you have applied to the Build To Order product. In our example, the summary shows the only rule that we have created so far.

You can click on Edit to change the rule’s settings at any time. Check the checkbox on the left side and click on Delete Selected if you wish to remove an existing rule. Be careful because this action cannot be undone and recreating a rule can be time consuming. Press the Add New Rules button to add new rules to the product.

Let’s go to the storefront and see how this rule is applied on the product configuration page. Click on Preview configuration page and the product configuration page will open in a new browser window. If we try to select Horizontal from the Orientation category, and then Booklet from the Style category, ProductCart shows a message alerting us that the two options cannot be selected at the same time.

(1)This example assumes that a number of categories and items had been previously added to the Build To Order product using the product configuration page in the Control Panel. Among others Orientation and Style categories were added to the product, each containing a number of Build To Order Only items (“Horizontal” and “Vertical” for the Orientation category and Spec Sheet, Bookfold, Booklet, and Tri-Fold for the Style category).

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