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ProductCart Build To Order: Overview

The Build To Order version of ProductCart truly sets ProductCart's shopping cart software apart from any other electronic commerce software available today to small businesses. Although there are certainly other shopping carts that allow what may appear as similar features, ProductCart Build To Order is the only ecommerce system that combines a shopping cart, a full-featured product configurator, and an online quoting module for submitting, reviewing and editing quotes.

Consistently with the rest of the ProductCart line of e-commerce software, all BTO features are packaged in a small business-friendly system that can be managed entirely by non-technical staff, and can be easily integrated with an existing Web site.

At ProductCart, we hear this all the time: until Build To Order was released, the only way for businesses to sell truly configurable products and services online was to have a custom e-commerce application built for them — an expensive and time consuming proposition, often outside of a small business' budget.

ProductCart Build To Order filled this gap. The software allows small- and medium-sized businesses to receive orders and provide real-time quotes for complex, customer-defined products and services, while maintaining the ability to sell standard, non-configurable items.

A company selling custom computers online, for example, is now be able to build and manage an Internet storefront, out-of-the-box, that can handle at the same time the sale of standard, predefined products (i.e. hard drives, monitors, printers, etc.), partially defined products that require some features to be chosen by the customer (i.e. “Family Desktops” and “Road Warrior Laptops”), and products that are fully customer-defined (i.e. “Build your PC from scratch”).

ProductCart Build To Order: Table of Contents

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