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Creating a Build To Order Product

In a nutshell

There are three main steps to creating a new BTO product.

  • Step 1: You need to add some categories, products (and maybe BTO-Only Items) to your store
  • Step 2: Add a Build To Order product from the BTO menu (name, description, images, etc.)
  • Step 3: Assign products (Standard Products and BTO-Only Items) to the BTO product so that customers can customize it

More details

You should think of a Build To Order Product as a virtual basket to which your customers will add products and services. These products and services are the items that you assign to the Build To Order Product when you configure it in the Control Panel, and which become selectable options in the storefront.

Just like any other product, a BTO Product needs to be assigned to a category (e.g. “Computers > Desktop Computers > …”). So before you create your BTO Product you need to create the product category to which it will be assigned.

Unlike Standard Products, a BTO Product will contain a number of items which the customer will select during the ordering process. These items, once assigned to the BTO Product, become options that the customer can select to customize the product. These items can either be Standard Products and/or Build To Order Only Items (difference between the two). So before you assign items to your new BTO Product, you will need to add them to your store database.

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