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Configuring Additional Charges

The product configurator provides an additional layer of flexibility in that it allows you to add charges that are not dependent on the quantity ordered by the customer.

  • These additional charges are displayed on the second page of the product configurator.
  • Regardless of the quantity entered in the quantity field on the first page of the product configurator, these charges remain the same (e.g. a $250 Film Setup charge is charged regardless of whether you order 1,000 or 2,000 custom mouse pads for your company).
  • Similarly to any other category of selectable options, they can be configured to allow or not allow multiple selections within a category. When the category only allows one selection, you can make it required and select a default option. Unlike the options on the first page of the product configurator, additional charges cannot be added in more than one unit to the order (i.e. a quantity field cannot be shown).
  • Please note that if you are using the Apparel Add-on, it is not possible to add Apparel Products to the Additional Charges page!

An example of the second page of the BTO configuration in the storefront where additional charges are shown

On the page that lists additional charges, four prices are shown at the bottom:

  • Default price. This is the starting price for the configurable product or service, times the number of units purchased. This price is zero when the base price is zero and there are no default selections.
  • Customizations. The price associated with all the selected options, times the number of units purchased, minus any quantity discounts. Note that this price does not contain any quantity discounts on the first page of the product configurator (quantity discounts are displayed separately as Items Discounts).
  • Additional charges. The price associated with the additional charges selected on the page. If any of the charges was added to the product configuration by the store administrator (default charges), this price reflects those amounts.
  • Price as Customized. The total price of the completely configured BTO product.

On the shopping cart page, and whenever order information is displayed in the storefront as well as in the Control Panel, Additional Charges are shown below the Customizations.

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