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Selectable Items and Additional Charges

When you assign to a BTO product all the products and items that will be available for selection in the storefront, you can do so in two ways: selections whose price is linked to the ordered quantity, and selections whose price is not linked to the ordered quantity.

The first group is shown in the storefront on the first page of the BTO configuration process. The second group (if any), is shown on the second page. Specifically:

  1. Selectable Items
    The first page includes items that are added to the order as a function of the number of units of the BTO product purchased by the customer. For example, assuming you are selling printing services, if the unit price for the option “4-Color Printing” adds $0.75 to the unit cost of a brochure, an order for 100 brochures will include a total cost of $0.75 * 100 = $75 for that option.
  2. Additional Charges
    The second configuration page includes items that affect the order identically regardless of the purchased quantity. Continuing on the example above, “Rush Charge” will likely remain the same (e.g. $250) regardless of whether a customer is ordering 1000 or 2000 brochures.

If you have any Additional Charges associated with a BTO Product, the customer will not be able to add the BTO Product to their cart from the Product Details page but will be required to go through the configuration process.

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