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Adding a New Build To Order Only Item

For the definition of a Build To Order Item, please refer to the section Understanding Build To Order Products. To add a new BTO Only Item to your store, select Add New BTO Item from the BTO menu.

You will notice that the page that is displayed has fewer fields than the Add New Product form. The reason is that, unlike Standard Products, BTO-Only Items are not available for sale as stand-alone products, and therefore many of the settings don't apply.

When you edit a BTO Item, you will notice the presence of an additional option next to the product's price field. This option has to do with whether or not you want all instances of that BTO Item to be updated when the price changes. Enable the option if you want all BTO products to which you have assigned the selected item to be updated with the new price when the item's price is updated on this page.

There are other ways to update prices within a BTO product, including those of BTO-Only Items that have been assigned to one or more BTO Products. Please see Updating BTO Prices.

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