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ProductCart Build To Order

What's different in BTO

The Build To Order version of ProductCart (also referred to as “BTO”) allows merchants to create and manage an Internet storefront that can support customizable products and services. Store visitors are able to dynamically configure what they need as they are quoting or ordering it.

ProductCart Build To Order includes all the features that are part of the Standard version of the product. What is unique about BTO is the fact that it combines a complete e-commerce system with a Web-based product (or service) configurator. Depending on how it is setup by the store administrator, the system allows customers to:

  • ProductCart Build To OrderView a default configuration for a customizable product or service, then purchase the product “as is” or customize it.
  • Configure a product, with instant price changes and conflict resolutions. Available options may be displayed using drop-downs, radio buttons, or check boxes. Specific instructions can be shown for each category of selectable options, many settings can be configured for each category.
  • Save a quote, then edit it, print it in a printer-friendly format, submit it to the merchant for review, or turn it into an order. The store manager can review, edit, and approve submitted quotes.

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Upgrading from ProductCart Standard to BTO

The process of upgrading a ProductCart Standard store to Build To Order is very straightforward. Once the upgrade has been purchased, an additional set of files will be added to the store, enabling the BTO features. The store database is not affected as all ProductCart-powered stores already contain the tables and fields needed by the BTO system.

The upgrade can be purchased from the ProductCart software store or a ProductCart reseller.

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