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Quantity Discounts and BTO Products


Quantity discounts can be assigned both to the Build To Order product itself, or to any of the items that can be selected on the product configuration page.

Both discounts are calculated in real-time on the configuration page, and they are shown as separate line items on the page (Item Discounts and Quantity Discounts respectively).

When the BTO product has quantity discounts assigned to it, they are applied according to the settings chosen on the BTO Settings page. In this section we will instead focus on item discounts: i.e. quantity discounts applied to products that can be selected on the BTO configuration page.

How it works

  • When a selectable item has been assigned quantity discounts, a discount icon is show on the configuration page, next to the More Details link. If you click on the icon, a pop-up window provides details on the price breaks. The icon is shown next to the item if items are displayed using Radio Buttons (see BTO Settings). Otherwise, it's shown next to the drop-down menu.
  • As you select items from the configuration page, ProductCart recalculates instantaneously all prices, without refreshing the page. When you change the quantity of a selected item (if the quantity field is shown), or the total quantity for the BTO product (e.g. number of business cards ordered, number of guests for the wedding reception), prices are again recalculated, and quantity discounts are applied, if any.
  • You will be able to tell whether or not the selected is eligible for any quantity discounts by looking at the Items Discounts total at the bottom of the page. This is the total amount deducted from the price of the configured product or service thanks to quantity discounts enjoyed on any of the selected items, or on the BTO product itself.

An example

Assume that the store administrator has assigned quantity discounts to the item “2001 Zinfandel”, a bottle of wine that can be selected from the “Red Wines” category when configuring a gift basket from a specialty food store.

According to the quantity discounts added for the product, the unit price is reduced by 10% if the customer orders more between 3 and 6 bottles, and by 20% if the customer orders more than 6 bottles. The retail price for one bottle is $10.

If the customer enters 2 in the quantity field, no quantity discount is awarded. Assuming this is the only product selected so far, the total price for the gift basket will be $20. If the customer enters 4 in the quantity field, the order is now eligible for a discount and the total price for the configured product becomes $36.

The total discount ($4) will be shown under Items Discounts at the bottom of the page, just above the total price (Price as Customized).

If the customer decides to buy 2 gift baskets, the total number of bottles purchased becomes 8, the total price for the order becomes $64, and the Items Discounts total becomes $16.

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