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Troubleshooting the Apparel Add-on Installation

Here are answers to frequently asked questions regarding the installation of the Apparel Add-on.

  • When I log back into the Control Panel, I get redirected to the database update page again
    Normally ProductCart keeps redirecting you to the database update page when the version number has not been successfully updated. This happens when the system is not able to delete and re-create the file settings.asp located in the includes folder. Make sure that the folder has READ/WRITE/DELETE permissions for the EVERYONE user. For more information about the folder permission settings required by ProductCart, please see the ProductCart User Guide.
  • I did not get redirected: how can I get to the database update page?
    Log into the Control Panel and view the Control Panel Welcome page (menu.asp). Place your mouse cursor in the browser address field and replace “menu.asp” with “upddb-app.asp”. Then hit the Enter key. The database update page should now load.
  • I received an error when executing the database update. What do I do?
    • Please make sure that your store was running the version of ProductCart required under the “Applicability” section of the ReadMe file contained in the ZIP file you downloaded. If not, please first update the shopping cart, then re-install the Apparel Add-on.
    • If you are already running the correct version, copy the error message and send an email to Include your Control Panel URL and login information, plus FTP information so that we can access the Web server and troubleshoot the problem.

If you encounter other problems, please review the information in this document carefully to make sure that you have followed every step as outlined above. If this still doesn't solve your problem, contact ProductCart. Please make sure to indicate which version of ProductCart you are currently using.

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