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System Requirements

The system requirements are the same as those listed in the ProductCart User Guide. In order to install the latest version of the Apparel Add-On (the one that you can download from the ProductCart software store), your store must be running ProductCart v3.11.

If you are running a previous version of ProductCart, please make sure to update your store to v3.11 prior to installing the Apparel Add-On. To check to see if you have the latest version of ProductCart installed, use the Check for Updates feature located in the top-right area of the Control Panel’s Welcome screen.

You can run the Apparel Add-on both with ProductCart Standard version and ProductCart Build To Order. An example of the Build To Oder system used with the Apparel Add-on is a customizable “gift basket” in which one of the selectable items requires further definition (e.g. one of the items that you can put in the gift basket might be a print for which you need to decide whether you want the frame or un-framed type, with golden or brown trim).

If you are running ProductCart Build To Order with the Conflict Management Add-on, and you add the Apparel Add-on, you will have to apply an additional set of files after you have installed the Apparel Add-on. These are files that are shared by both Add-ons. If you don’t upload these files to your store, the product configuration pages will not work properly. You can request these files from ProductCart or your ProductCart reseller.

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