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Applying Quantity Discounts to Sub-Products

Another area of ProductCart that is affected by the Apparel Add-On module is Quantity Discounts. For maximum flexibility, you can set quantity discounts both at the Parent product level and the Sub-Product level. This means that you can have different quantity discounts for different sub-products, which allows you, for example, to place a specific color/size combination on sale, but not others.

  • When you apply quantity discounts at the Apparel Product level, they are applied to all sub-products as a whole. For instance, if you say that you give a 10% discount when a customer purchases 5 to 10 units of a certain jacket, the discount is given even if the customer purchases a total of six units of different color/size combinations. That is, the discount applies to the total units purchased for that Apparel Product. Here is visual example:

  • When you apply quantity discounts at the Sub-Product level, they apply specifically to the number of units purchased of those – and only those - sub-products. So if quantity discounts start at 5 units, and the customer were to purchase the same combinations shown above, no discount would be given. Instead, a discount would have been given had the customer purchased 6 units of the XXL size, assuming that quantity discounts had been specified for that sub-product. This allows you to promote the sale of specific sub-products (e.g. you have too many XXL in stock).

To apply quantity discounts to an Apparel Product or to its Sub-Products, select Marketing > Quantity Discount By Product. Once you locate the product, you will see that you can either add discounts to it, or view the sub-products and add discounts to them. You cannot do both at the same time. Either you apply quantity discounts on the parent product or the sub-products.

The process of adding quantity discounts is the same as for a standard product. Please refer to the ProductCart User Guide for more information. Once you have added quantity discounts to one Sub-Product, you can quickly replicate the same discounts onto one or more other Sub-Products using the Apply to Other Products feature.

In the storefront, when quantity discounts are assigned to an Apparel Product’s Sub-Products, the discounts are not shown directly on the product details page, but rather in a pop-up window. This is because theoretically the list of discount tiers could be quite long as it might apply to several of the Sub-Products. The link to the pop-up window is shown underneath the product image and color swatches (if any).

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